Throughout my experience in MEDA 101, I have allowed my Remoscope project (talked about in previous posts) to become more and more distorted. Playing with the idea of reminiscing over childhood has brought me to a deeper understanding of the corruption we face as we age. It is such a slow process, we almost don’t even notice it is happening, until one day we realize our lives aren’t pink and blue balloons anymore. Now, things have glitches and are messed up. In this final project, I have used George Lyon’s Poem “Where I’m From” as well as “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. I chose to use the words of this book to be spoken over my video because it was one of my favorite childhood books and I am intrigued by it’s subtle eerie undertones. I also gathered inspiration from remix culture, and glitch artists such as Nick Briz. The videos I chose to project are taken from an assortment of different places. The heart monitor is actual footage of my fetal monitor when my mother was pregnant with me. This video also contains the first footage of my parents and I after I was born. In here, some of the other more abstract projected videos are taken from my previous remoscope project. Others are simply pictures from my hometown in Texas.


Audio Remoscope

In response to “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon, I’ve created this sound project as a reflection on the distortion and complexity that follows the seemingly ‘simplistic’ life of a child. I found this project very interesting, as I focused on noises rather than music. Growing up, my father was in a rock band, and spent most of my childhood touring. Surrounded by music, I’ve created it my whole life. It wasn’t until recently that I began toying with the idea of noise versus music… how the combination of a coffee grinder and an elevator is not a song, and yet it conveys a feeling. So then, what is the difference between noise and music? Does all music have to have a melody? Or instruments? Or is it enough to just have sounds found in everyday life? If the definition of music is “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion”, could that not include sound projects similar to mine? Similar to our development after childhood, the lines become blurry, in many ways, around many things. It is terrifying but also freeing, because we are the ones who get to define what we see in the world around us.


The original poem “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon, was written to describe not necessarily the physical place Lyon lived, but the essence of her experience growing up. This video is a response to her work. Where I’m from, birthdays are a big deal. My family has always thrown extravagant parties with bright colors and decorations. Right now I’m living in Wollongong, NSW.. about 8,000 miles from my home in Texas. So, when my birthday came around last week, it reminded me again that this is not where I’m from. Luckily, my family will never stop making birthdays colorful, so they sent me these balloons. This is ‘Where I’m From’.