Feel the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow

“Some feel the rain, others just get wet.” Bob Marley

Banksy, a masked street artist, has painted two signifiers in this piece; the man with the umbrella and the child. By painting the man with black and the child with bright colors, it makes us feel as if the man is lacking joy or life. This makes us relate to the child, who’s taking in the rain with arms up and mouth open, yearning for even a taste.

This is very interesting though.. When is the last time you played in the rain? We look at this image and tell ourselves we identify with the child and yet when it rains we reach for our umbrellas and try to not get wet. We go through life trying not to feel it, instead of taking it all in. Accepting the best and worst parts.. and then finding that what we thought were going to be the worst parts, were actually pretty great.

The social connotations Banksy makes in this piece are that there are two types of people in the world, those who hide under umbrellas and those who taste the rain.

Which are you?


15 minutes of fame

In 1968, Andy Worhol said something that turned out to be particularly relevant to the 21st century.

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”

With current media outlets like Twitter, YouTube, and Google becoming so accessible, it has invalidated the hierarchies of artistic functions and techniques. Art and creativity are no longer matters of nature, or instinct. Fame doesn’t have to come from the person with the most natural born talent. At this day in age, it never is. You can literally Google ‘how to paint a masterpiece’ or ‘how to be funny’ and learn in 10 easy steps. So genetics, or talent, are virtually useless.

This may sound appealing if you are not a natural Vincent Van Gough, but regardless our window of fame is closing every day. I’ve been told the internet is a machine for making more internet (which kinda blows my mind), creating an exponential growth of functional and artistic availability. Which creates another problem…

15 minutes? When is the last time you watched a random video for 15 minutes? or read a 15 minute blog post? or stared at a painting for 15 minutes? I would give us maybe 15 seconds of fame maybe.. we live in the age of .gifs and memes and 10 second instagram videos. If you have even made it through this blog post, you probably skimmed at least 75% of it. So even if you’re a writer, it’s gotta be fast!

Thanks to the internet, no Andy, we don’t get 15 minutes of fame. We get 15 seconds. Not gonna lie, I’m a little worried our seconds will disappear.


Kadison Cole

I am the ground under my feet,

a piece of every place I’ve touched.

I am Texas,

I am England, France, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Fiji, Zambia, Dubai.

I am Wollongong.

I am every place.


I am the unseen colors in the moon.

I am a face behind a screen, a canvas.

I am photos taken in the dark with no flash.

I am Kadison, and everything else you will see.




Welcome to my blog. I’m a uni student currently living in Wollongong. I grew up in Austin, Texas, but have traveled pretty much everywhere. I am currently studying Digital Media and Communications and the University of Wollongong. For the past two years, I’ve owned my own business K. Cole Design Co creating websites for other artists and photographers. I am also a certified yoga instructor with a background in Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Anatomy, History & Philosophy of Yoga.

I have a beautiful little sister back home that I miss dearly, and the fluffiest little puppy you’ve ever seen. It breaks my heart to be so far away, but I am also so excited to be here. When people ask me “Why here?” all I have to say is “Why not?” That is my genuine answer. WHY NOT? Sometimes you don’t see how exquisite a place is, when it is your everyday.

This place is exquisite.