Welcome To The Press

In 1960 A. J. Liebling, a famous media critic wrote in The New Yorker,

“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” (read more here)

Today, this idea takes on a whole new meaning. When Liebling originally said this, access to a press was not common, meaning not everyone had a voice. Now, blogging means everyone has access to a press.

So, how does this change media? What are the effects of having a population of journalists, instead of just a few? How does citizen journalism change how we are able to see and interpret the information around us?


Citizen journalism, and the distribution of the press, has turned media from being a product, to being a conversation. We are getting voices from every angle, drone footage, iPhone videos from crime scenes, and web articles being posted in mass amounts. There is an overload of content, and no content manager. There is 300 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every day because there is no quality control.

This ability to share content has benefitted us, as a population, by presenting unregulated perspectives. But it has also harmed us, by giving us a super-saturated network of resources, with no quality standards.

In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons in this situation… I mean, I am here posting about it… right?


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