USA vs. AUS government trust

The recent CIA ‘Vault 7‘ wikileaks have brought back many feelings of distrust towards the government from US citizens. This it not surprising, considering the hacks released detailed information on how the government has been using private phone and computer microphone and camera technology without our consent. The leaks went on to show many more instances where our government is taking advantage of us.

I found out about this hack while studying overseas in Australia. It has been interesting to see their response to the situation. I have found that they seem to be more trusting of their government than we are. I have friends that call Americans ‘conspiracist’ when it comes to government, which is an interesting thought.

This may have to do with the difference in the types of government, or maybe the difference of Australian versus American culture. The question I have is, does our skepticism get us anywhere? Does it give us any power to doubt those that lead us? Or are we right? Are we smart for not being easily convinced?

I guess the answer depends on whether you’re asking an American or an Australian.

LSPaYUs - Imgur


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